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One of the core beliefs that permeate the ecosystem of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) is that teaching and research are complimentary activities. Just like two flowers from the same stalk, they are apparently distinct and unique but possess a symbiotic relationship i.e., each is incomplete without the other. Thus completeness and beauty in any academic endeavour can only be achieved through a perfect synergy of these two skills. This notion has been the guiding philosophy of the Faculty Development Programme (FDP) since its inception way back in 1979. Since then, the FDP has remained true to its founding principle of imparting and instilling the highest quality of knowledge and training to management educators and researchers in India and beyond. This has been evident in the fact that our more than 1000 alumni members who have lived the FDP experience have transformed themselves into better teachers, researchers, and most importantly, ambassadors of brand IIMA! In the process, they have gone on to motivate their peers, just like the flame of one candle lights up a thousand.

Continuing with our tradition, we will be offering the 43rd FDP in Pedagogy and Research Methods between April 11th and May 25th of 2023. It will be a six-week-long residential programme that will provide training in pedagogical techniques including Case Method of Teaching, Case Writing, and training in classroom effectiveness. It will also cover important aspects of carrying out management research including Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Statistical Data Analysis, Multivariate Analytical Techniques, and aspects of formulation of research problems and journal publication process. This is a certificate programme and upon successful completion, alumni status will be granted to the participant.

If you want to know more about the FDP in Pedagogy and research methods, feel free to explore our website which has all the relevant details regarding the application process including the deadlines and fees. If you have any specific queries regarding the programme itself or the application process, feel free to reach out to us at or 079-7152 4961 and we will be happy to guide you.

Transforming the teacher and researcher within you in a life long endeavour but as well all know, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. I hope that you will decide to embark upon this enriching and transformative journey by enrolling in our programme. Looking forward to seeing you in our beautiful, lush green campus soon!

All the best,

Dhiman Bhadra
Chairperson, FDP

What is FDP at IIMA?

The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India (IIMA) aims at the professional development of faculty members of institutions of management education. It is a residential programme that provides rigorous training in general management principles, pedagogical techniques (including case method), cutting-edge research methods and advanced topics in specialized areas. The first FDP was offered in 1979. Over the years, the FDP has developed a strong reputation for excellence in the professional development of management educators.

The FDP relies on a variety of learning settings like classrooms, workshops and seminars, and a participatory approach to learning. There is an emphasis on the case method of teaching and learning. Other educational methods such as lectures, group-exercises, management games, and presentations are also used. Computers, statistical tools and audio-visual aids complement these methods. Participants are encouraged to develop insights into curriculum planning and academic administration.

The FDP requires a high level of effort from the participants in terms of individual preparation as well as working in groups. Participants take away more than just class-room related experiences as they explore the campus and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Participants usually get a chance to visit industrial locations, attend research seminars, special guest lectures and participate in other extra-curricular activities. Participants are highly encouraged to take initiative towards developing their own cases or research proposals.

FDP Experiences

I was a power user of knowledge, now I think I can create powerful knowledge. The programme, the place, the faculty and the team I worked with have helped me realize my true potential not only as a teacher but also as a researcher. Now I not only use knowledge but also feel competent in creating knowledge.

Harmeen Kaur Soch Attended FDP

I am indeed very honoured and feel very glad to write about the course FDP, in 2008 attended by me. First and foremost I thank the esteemed institution IIM – A to give me this opportunity to be a part of the FDP. My stay there for the course though was for three months it was indeed a thorough learning experience. As a participant, I realized that the work schedule was designed for preparing one to become more focused and oriented towards the students, as I was engaged in teaching at IRMA and of being instrumental in contributing to the parent institution. The experience as a student at IIM- A was definitely oriented towards an experience which could be related to only an academician exposed to teaching classes at management levels. The FDP program enhanced the skills of handling cases in the classrooms to the students in a very well structured manner and also initiated in involving the students in a learning process which was very much the need of the hour. I profusely thank all my teachers and mentors at IIM-A for making the journey of learning so memorable.

Dr. Durga Prasad Professor, Institute of Rural Management (IRMA), Anand Attended FDP

The FDP at IIMA was one of the brightest periods of my academic life. It taught me not only nuances of handling case-based pedagogy but also gave me holistic insight about how to undertake research, publishing in quality journals and overview about conducting MDPs. After my FDP I knew clearly what & how I had to strive for excellence as an academician.

Dr. Neeraj Pandey Assistant Professor, NITIE, Mumbai Attended FDP

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