General Programme Information

What is the duration of this programme?

The ePGD-ABA is a 16 months' diploma programme offered by IIMA

What will be the delivery format of the ePGD-ABA Programme?

This program will be delivered through a blend of online and on-campus class room sessions. This format is to help you advance your career while working.

What will be the class schedule?

Given that this programme is meant for working professionals, the classes will be held on Weekends and public holidays.

What would be the mode of teaching?

The ePGD-ABA is a hybrid programme, which will be delivered using a mix of on-campus class-room sessions, online sessions, and project work. There will be three on-campus modules, each running for one-week duration. The online remote sessions will be delivered through a device-to-device technology enabled learning platform. For the project work, the participants will visit the IIMA campus for two days.

How is this programme different from the other programmes of similar kind?

Unlike other programmes, the ePGD-ABA offered by IIMA is a hybrid programme, which will be delivered using a mix of on-campus and online classroom sessions. IIMA believes in peer learning and it can happen only through classroom sessions whether it is on campus or technology enabled discussions. Also, the curriculum is so designed that it offers a conceptual understanding of different tools and techniques used for the analysis of all kinds of data big or small, structured or unstructured. However, this conceptual learning will be supplemented by exposing the participants with hands on experience of applying it to real-life data for solving business problems in different domains of business. Most importantly, IIMA has an excellent faculty resource. The faculty members are engaged in cutting edge research and consulting in this space. Finally, you will be a part of the IIMA alumni network which could help you to leapfrog in your career path.

How frequently would the participants visit the campus?

Participants are to visit IIMA campus four times during the sixteen months’ duration of the programme. The programme is expected to begin with the campus module. The duration of the first three campus visits will be for a week and the last campus visit will only be for two-days for the Capstone project work/presentation.

Is visit to campus mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory for the successful completion of the programme.

Will I be getting an alumni status after I graduate?

After the successful completion of the programme, all graduating participants will receive IIMA alumni status.

What is the start and end date for the programme?

The ePGD-ABA programme is scheduled to start in mid-March 2023 and is going to be completed by July 2024.

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Application and Admission Process

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for ePGD-ABA at IIMA?

An applicant is to satisfy the following criteria for applying to this programme.

1.      Minimum of 2 years' work experience (preferably in the domain of business analytics); the experience requirement may be waived for candidates with exceptional academic credentials.

2.      Bachelor's degree holders with strong quantitative and analytical problem solving skills; and

3.      A valid test score (GMAT/GRE/CAT/GATE or the ePGD-ABA qualifying-cum-aptitude test)

What is the validity period of GMAT/GRE/CAT/GATE?

GMAT and GRE scores are valid for five years, CAT score for two years and  GATE score for 3 years.

What if I do not have a valid GMAT/GRE/ CAT or GATE score?

In case you do not have a valid GMAT/GRE/CAT/GATE test score, you can take the ePGD-ABA qualifying-cum-aptitude test.

When will this ePGD-ABA qualifying-cum-aptitude test be conducted and how will it be held?

Given the circumstances arising out of COVID-19 pandemic, the test will be conducted online in a device-to device mode on November 6, 2022, for the Round-1 applicants and on January 22, 2023, for the Round-2 applicants.

How do I register for this ePGD-ABA qualifying-cum-aptitude test?

While filling up your admission application form online, you need to select your preferred standardized test score as ePGD-ABA qualifying-cum-aptitude test. .

What are the duration and the syllabus of the ePGD-ABA qualifying-cum-aptitude test?

The duration of the test will be an hour and thirty minutes. It will comprise three sections: English comprehension, Logical reasoning and data interpretation and Quantitative aptitude like other standard tests.

What is the deadline for submitting the admission application?

The Round-1 application deadline is October 30, 2022, and Round-2 application deadline is January 15, 2023.

Which documents are to be submitted along with the online application?

– Academic qualifications (transcripts/grade sheets and certificate from graduation onwards)

– Employment history

– Standardised score test reports of GMAT/GRE/CAT or GATE

When should we submit the Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Reference/Recommendation (LORs) and CV as a part of the application process?

There is a text box given in the application form for the statement of purpose. However, letter of references and latest CV will be asked only from the shortlisted candidates.

Is there any specific format for Letter of Reference/Recommendation?

No, we do not have any predefined format for the letter of references/Recommendation.

Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation/reference?

We prefer to see the letter of recommendation/reference from the person who has had significant experience working with you or somebody who had mentored you.

Do you have any upper age limit?

No, we do not have any age cap criterion as a part of the application and selection procedure.

Once admitted, is deferment possible?

As of now, we do not have a stated deferment policy. If you get an offer and you would like to defer you may send a request and the same will be placed before the programme's Executive Committee for their consideration. All the rules and regulations will be communicated to you in detail over the email after receiving the deferment request. 

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Programme Curriculum

Can you summarize the ePGD-ABA programme curriculum?

Please visit the ePGD-ABA programme webpage.

What will be the teaching pedagogy for this programme?

The pedagogy for the programme will be a blend of lectures, case studies, project assignments, peer to peer learning, self-learning, role play, and simulations. Mentoring by faculty and access to learning resources of IIMA will also be made available.

Who will be teaching in ePGD-ABA programme?

The IIMA faculty members will conduct the classes. However, for some of the modules, the industry practitioners and experts will also be invited to share their knowledge and experiences besides sharing the current industry practice.

What is the minimum attendance criterion?

The institutional requirement for the minimum attendance for each course is 75%, or else there will be a grade-cut.

How will I receive the reading materials and the books for the programme?

Books and Reading material, if required, will mostly be distributed during your campus visits. Reading material (pre/post session) will also be shared regularly through the online Learning Management System.

How many electives can a student take at a time?

Students can take a maximum of two electives based on their area of interest.

What happens in case I am not able to complete the programme in 16 months or with the current batch?

If a participant is not able to complete the programme in the stipulated time he/she is to make a plea to the ePGD-ABA Executive Committee through ePGD-ABA office to consider him or her to re-join the programme's subsequent batch. If the plea is found to be genuine, he/she can re-register for the programme by paying a requisite fee. If a participant fails again to complete the programme even in the next batch, his/her candidature will automatically get cancelled.

How will the student be evaluated during the programme?

The students will be evaluated in every course on the basis of an appropriate mix of the exams, quizzes, assignments, project works and classroom participation.

Will these online sessions be recorded? And if needed, can these recordings be accessed at a later point for learning/reference purpose?

Discretion of recording the classroom session remains with the concerned faculty teaching a particular course. If the particular session(s) are recorded, it will be shared with the students for their learning reference.

What is a Capstone project?

A Capstone project is a culminating multifaceted assignment with an industry-driven project along with mentorship from the IIMA faculty members.

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Fees and Financial Aid

What is the fee for the ePGD-ABA programme at IIMA?

The Programme Fee for ePGD-ABA 2023-24 batch will be INR 12,00,000/- (INR Twelve Lacs) inclusive of all taxes.

What all are included in the fee?

The programme fee will include tuition fee, course materials, your stay and food during campus visits and other service facilities such as library etc.

Is there any scholarship available for the students?

No, as of now we do not have any scholarship.

Do we have Financing options from banks?

Yes, we have a tie-up with multiple banks to avail collateral free education loans. You may visit our website for more details.

Can I pay the fee in instalments?

Yes, you can pay the programme fee in two instalments. We will be sharing the fee structure along with the admission offer.

Can my company sponsor me?

Yes, however, you need to go through the entire admission process .

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Placement Assistance

Will there be any placement or career development services provided to the students?

The programme is designed for working professionals who aspire to hone their skills to adapt and grow in the ever-evolving corporate sector. Hence, no placement assistance would be provided for this programme.

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