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Research centres at IIMA deal with current and immediate questions but their long-term goal is to establish the IIMA as an institution that shapes the future for the better. As researchers, IIMA faculty are pioneers who enable new and exciting interdisciplinary collaborations; they take a solid grounding in theory and run it through a mill of questions and conjectures until future-oriented insights emerge.

Research Centres at IIMA

Arun Duggal Centre for ESG Research (CESGR)

Contributes via research and industry-academia collaborations to nurture and grow the nascent ESG ecosystem in India, and help Indian enterprises and organizations integrate ESG into their core business and investment decisions

Ashank Desai Centre for Leadership and Organisational Development

Drives research in various leadership development related themes and offers training, research and consulting services to leaders at various levels in Indian and multinational organisations

Brij Disa Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Generates market insights through leading-edge research in Data Science & AI and forges synergistic scholar-practitioner relationships to support businesses, governance, and policymaking

Centre for Digital Transformation

Equip industry with the understanding of the digital ecosystem and facilitate smooth transition through market insights; bring forth global best practices for adoption by India Inc and explore engagements that can influence educators, practitioners and policymakers

Centre for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship

Set up at IIM Ahmedabad as a Centre of Excellence with support from the Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology and Government of Gujarat, this CIIE.CO is the epicentre of The Innovation Continuum.

Centre for Management of Health Services

Addresses managerial challenges in the delivery of health services to different segments of the Indian population, build institutions of excellence in the sector, and influence health policies and wider environments

Centre for Transportation and Logistics

Addresses critical passenger and freight transportation and logistics challenges in India, facilitates dialogue around sustainable transportation, contributes to improving efficiency in multi-modal transportation systems and supply chain logistics through research

Gender Centre

Gender Centre at IIMA

India Gold Policy Centre

Conducts cutting edge applied research on the Gold Industry in India, provides insights and findings that can be put into execution for bringing reforms in the Indian gold market

Misra Centre for Financial Markets and Economy

Undertakes research on financial markets and economy in India and provides impetus for teaching and knowledge dissemination on contemporary issues within the overall economic framework

NSE Centre for Behavioral Science in Finance, Economics and Marketing

Undertakes knowledge creation on financial markets and financial services to help decision making for policymakers, individual retail investors, fund managers, traders, analysts, wealth advisors, other managers, and leaders

Thought Leadership: Centre for Transportation and Logistics