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The area's primary focus is on organizational strategy and the functions of the chief executive. Research and consulting have been undertaken in such areas as managerial communication, management and analysis of competitive forces in industries, business growth and diversification, turnaround strategies, technology transfer, trans-national investments, management of public enterprises, women studies, small enterprises and entrepreneurship. The area plans to undertake major research on the impact of changes in economic policies on corporate ventures.

Important courses offered by the area to PGP and FPM students are on strategy formulation and implementation, new venture management, power and politics in strategy implementation, written analysis and communication, managerial oral communication and strategic management. It also offers a very popular program on strategies for competitive advantage for practicing managers.

The major streams of research and teaching in the Strategy area are business policy, public enterprise management, international business, communication, entrepreneurship and legal aspects of business. Research interests of the faculty include strategic management, environmental analysis, corporate planning, international business, technology transfer and legal aspects of business and corporate communication. In these topics, a student can concentrate on any one of the following types of organizations or a combination: private sector, public sector, government, agriculture and rural sector, small scale industries, cooperatives, mass communication and educational / research scientific institutions.

Entrepreneurship provides the basic nurturing ground in the process of wealth creation. It has emerged as a separate field in management, taking its roots from disciplines such as Economics, Psychology, Sociology and basic management principles.

The objectives of this course are:

1. to provide a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts of entrepreneurship.

2. to review and understand the important streams of research in entrepreneurship.

3. to familiarize students with research methodologies.

Strategic Management
This course conveys the concept of strategy and its usefulness by exposing students to a variety of organizational situations. It enables students to look at organizations in their totality and appreciate the inter-relationship among different functions.

The course helps students understand the strategy of organizations and thereby enables them to

(1) make or assist in the making of major decisions.
(2) formulate functional policies.
(3) participate in the implementation of corporate strategy.

Covers Firm / environment; Strategies and Resources; Strategies and Values; Business Ethics; Industry Structure Analysis; Evaluation of Corporate Strategy; Strategies for Growth and Diversification; Process of Strategic Planning; Stages of Corporate Development; Strategy Implementation through Structure, Values and Ideologies; McKinsey's Framework; Acquisition of Resources and Competence; Management of organizational Change.

List of Courses

Ph.D. (Doctoral Program) Compulsory Courses

  • Strategic Management - I
  • Strategic Management – II
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Research Methods in Strategy
  • Foundations of International Strategic Management

Ph.D. (Doctoral Program) Electives

  • Corporate Governance
  • Advanced Strategy & Innovation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Seminar on Entrepreneurship

MBA Compulsory Courses

  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategy Capstone

MBA Electives

  • Businesses and the Constitutional Rights
  • Contract Terms in International Business
  • Business and Professional Negligence
  • Economics of Strategy
  • Consulting and Professional Service Firms
  • Leadership, Vision, Meaning and Reality
  • Reimagining Telecom & Next Generation Businesses
  • Business Taxation
  • Competence, Capability and Competitive Strategy
  • Frontiers of Business Law
  • Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • International Business
  • Mysteries in Management
  • Strategies and the Future
  • International Business Dispute Resolution
  • Business Leadership and Law
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues in Infrastructure
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Entrepreneurial Thoughts & Action
  • Customer Based Business Strategy (Str. & Mktg. area jointly)
  • Multinational Company Strategies and International Expansion Choices
  • Business and Intellectual Property
  • Business, Government and Law

MBA-FABM Elective

  • Food and Agri-business International Strategies and Organisation
  • Strategy Capstone

PGPX Compulsory Courses

  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Strategic Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Simulation Game – Capstone
  • Corporate Governance
  • Leadership, Values and Ethics

PGPX Electives

  • Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation
  • International Business
  • Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • Leading Professional Service Firms
  • Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking
  • Strategy Execution: The Art and Science of Creating High Performance
  • Reimagining Telecom & Next Generation Businesses
  • Transformational Leadership and Organizational Impact

ePGP Compulsory Courses

  • Capstone Exercise
  • Strategic Management

ePGP Electives

  • Business and Professional Negligence
  • Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship & Creativity
  • Leadership: Vision, Meaning and Reality
  • Mysteries in Management
  • Strategies and the Future

ePGD-ABA Compulsory Courses

  • Ethics, Privacy and Data Security
  • Experiments and Causal Inference

ePGD-ABA Electives

  • Strategy Analytics

FDP Compulsory Courses

  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation

FDP Electives

  • Advanced Strategy Management


  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Dispute Resolution
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leading Professional Service Firms

Executive Education

  • Contract Management
  • Young Entrepreneurs Programme
  • Managing Businesses in International Markets
  • Strategic Management
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Innovation, Corporate Strategy and Competitive Performance
  • Managing Strategic Alliances
  • Organisational Leadership for 21st Century
  • Strategies for Growth
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Leading Professional Service Firms
  • Design Thinking
  • Creating Entrepreneurial Organisations
  • Managing Online Business
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Message from the Area Chairperson

"The Strategy area of IIMA is known for bridging the gap between theory and practice by staying connected with and relevant to the academic, consulting, and practitioners’ worlds. The area has a vibrant group of faculty and provides opportunities to do research, teaching, and consulting in various domains of strategy and business law. Current faculty research work spans in diverse domains such as international business, family business, entrepreneurship, dynamic capabilities, cross-border M&A, taxation, Intellectual property rights, business law and sustainability. Research work of the area faculty is published in the top tier journals on a regular basis. The area takes pride in pioneering the case method pedagogy in India with a focus on strategic decision making."

Chitra Singla
Associate Professor

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The Ph.D. Programme in Management seeks candidates with outstanding academic credentials, intellectual curiosity and discipline needed to make scholarly contribution to society. It provides a diverse set of opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and research The student becomes part of one of the eleven functional/sectoral areas and acquires the super specialized theoretical knowledge and practical aspects of the area.

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