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About the Department

Electrical Department, IIMA is operational 24X7 with a goal of:-
providing uninterrupted Electrical power supply for all the infrastructure buildings inside the campus – offices, student dorms, Residential Housing area common facilities, streetlights, etc
providing continuous water supply inside the IIMA campus.

Services/Functions of the Department

  • Day-to Day operation & maintenance for electrical installations & Equipment. 

  • Complaint solving related to electrical, HVAC, Lifts, and water supply. 

  • Electrical planning and execution of various infrastructure development MEP Green filed / Brownfield projects & restoration MEP projects. 

  • Electrical energy management & billing. 

  • Planning & execution of various Go-green initiatives like rooftop solar generation projects, rainwater harvesting, conversion of traditional energy-consuming devices with LEDs/ 5star rated energy-efficient machines, etc. 

  • To ensure the electrical safety of the residents & occupants of the campus by following the relevant rules and regulations. 

  • To discharge other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned under the relevant Act/Rules & Regulations by the State Govt. 

  • Attending the project review meetings, and coordination meetings with other vendors and consultants. 

  • Monitoring of all site works under the scope including quality checks in respect of material used and execution of works with specific emphasis on different elements, completions, timelines, etc. 

  • Resolve the MEP Project-related issue for smooth site execution. 

  • Involved in Tendering activities like Tender Booklet preparing, Technical Specification freezing, the opening of both Technical and Financial documents, Tender Scrutiny, and awarding of Tender.  

Policies and Procedures

  • Indian Electricity Rules, 1956. 

  • Central Electricity Authority Regulation, 2010. 

  • General Financial Rules (GFR), 2017. 

  • Lifts & Escalators Act, 2008.

Subdivisions of the Department

  • Electrical Department, Main Campus, 
  • Electrical Department, New Campus, 

  • Electrical & Mechanical Projects, Main & New Campus.

  • Mechanical Department, Main & New Campus. 

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