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About the Department

Led by the Chairperson-Admission and administrative support provided by the Manager-Admission, the Admission Office is the key functional office at IIMA. It manages the admission process of both the flagship programmes i) Post-graduate Programme in Management (PGP) and, ii) Post-graduate Programme in Food and Agri-business Management (PGP-FABM). This office supports the CAT Centre by performing some shared administrative responsibilities for the conduct of the nationally administered Common Admission Test (CAT) in addition to carrying out the enormous task as convening IIM of CAT on rotation basis once in every six years.

Services/Functions of the Department

1. PGP admission process.

2. PGP-FABM admission process.

3. PGP & PGP-FABM Financial Aid/scholarships process.

4. Common Admission Test (CAT) activities.

Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures related to the admission process for both the programmes are separately posted on our website on ‘Programmes’ Tabs. Following are the links:

Subdivisions of the Department

  • Financial Aid/ Scholarships

Committees that the Department leads

  • Admission (PGP & FABM) Committee

  • Financial Aid & Awards Committee

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