The Institute

Social Impact


As a part of its community outreach programme, IIMA alongwith the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has set up a supplementary education/resource centre called Student-Mediated Initiative for Learning to Excel or SMILE for the benefit of underprivileged students living in and around Vastrapur, where the Institute is located. Through this initiative, classes are conducted for students from Class IX to Class XII by a volunteer team from IIMA, under the guidance of the Dean (Alumni & External Relations).

Faculty Mentors

- Prof. Ankur Sarin

- Prof. Vijaya Sherry Chand

- Prof. Navdeep Mathur

- Prof. Rajeev Sharma

- Prof. Amit Garg


Prayaas is a social initiative through which the IIMA community helps underprivileged children take their first step towards a meaningful education, a joyous childhood and a better future. Since 2003, the IIMA community has worked tirelessly to help these children get admissions in nearby public schools, provide supplementary evening classes on the Institute campus and more importantly, get the opportunity to enjoy a wholesome and happy childhood..


Pawsible is a students’ club that works for the welfare of the animals of IIM Ahmedabad. A quality about the IIMA community that will strike anyone is the love and compassion that the community shares for the animals of IIMA. Pawsible is an initiative driven by compassion and love to provide animals basic facilities and some caretaking to make them a part of the community of IIMA.